Rita Hayworth: Guild forever

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Her name was Margarita Carmen Cansino and his parents were descendants of Irish and Mexican. He had been a dancer and one day led to a spectacular city, Hollywood. This occurred around 1935, the old Fox studios

Rita was the symbol of a particular beauty. His face was drawn in each fighter of World War II. He was loved by her husband Orson Welles and Prince Ali Khan, who had children. Welles did with Rita The Lady from ShanghaiIn 1948, one of the most original films of the director and discussed. It had separated and had the best right to keep watching, but in the halls of Hollywood knew that if it were not for Rita, Welles would not have convinced the company to Columbia to be allowed to redirect.

At that time Rita had on American cinema reached the importance that after Marilyn Monroe. It was the most desirable woman in his day, was the girlfriend of Hollywood. She never felt limitless. Never in his career or his life. Its limit was always the secret and public admiration of men.

The father taught him to dance and she loved it. In the film came to do the work of two geniuses in the field: Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. He starred in a small role in Dante’s hell, One in Charlie Chan in Egypt and two dozen other titles led to Rita Hayworth Only Angels Have Wings in 1939 Oh, what a blonde, Blood and Sand, Six destinations, Models and especially Gilda, Who established himself as a star of Hollywood film for which immortalizes the tremendous blow to Glenn Ford, who is still remembered as one of the most stunning film footage of all time.

Rita Hayworth lived in haste to finish the great temperament that characterizes it. Although filmed over 60 films, he never won an Oscar, but by no means ceased to be a great actress. Rita’s career slowly declined in 1972 and then was slowly darkening like a warm sunset that left no trace in the past.

Visited Argentina in 1976 but the disease took hold of his being. This heroic woman believed cope with your illness: Alzheimer’s disease, which affects the nervous, mind. This caused much talk about her, who was intoxicated or drugged. Far from reality so sad and so tragic that she could not afford. The disease was devouring its intelligence capability. Her illness led to his all gone to sleep away from reality.

The truth is that he died at 68 years of age. One of his friends, Glenn Ford, had to know his death: “I am sad, a dear friend has left me alone. View your images, feel the aura emanating from them more terrible to think of their slow decline. Few as she managed to do shine as the magic of cinema. And none could shine so high and with such joy of living. ”

Rita is part of a legend today costs come to understand, everything wonderful that moment where she can not even recognize it was yesterday. Today we can build only a vague fantasy woman immortal by our uncles and grandparents were marked at a time away from it.

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