Dustin Hoffman: A man by Oscar

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(Los Angeles, 1937) Actor American theater and film, one of the most praised for her brilliant interpretive skills. Tenacious and dedicated himself to his profession, he built, especially among producers of theater, an actor’s reputation “difficult”, but their quality was universally admired and always wanted him in any deal.

He studied at the Actor’s Studio with Lee Strasberg and started his career in Broadway theater productions in the 1960s: in 1964 he debuted on Broadway Waiting for GodotBy Samuel Beckett. In 1966 he attracted the attention of film director and Mike Nichols, who chose to give life to a naive twenty-year student seduced by an older woman (played by Anne Bancroft) in The Graduate (1967). Few realized that the actor of 1.65 meters tall who plays the bewildered Benjamin had actually graduated 30 years. The commercial success of the film, which was Simon & Garfunkel on the soundtrack catapulted to stardom Dustin Hoffman instantly.

After appearing on Broadway in Jimmy Shine Returned to the screen with the bleak drama Midnight Cowboy (1969), John Schlesinger, memorably portraying a homeless in the past, the pathetic Ratso Rizzo, who uses unscrupulous a young boy (Jon Voight) newly arrived in New York. Since then he has demonstrated his abilities in a remarkable range of characterizations, which have won several awards and recognition samples. For his portrayal of a father fighting for custody of her child Kramer vs. Kramer (1979, by R. Benton), won his first Oscar for best actor.

Shortly after he was nominated for comedy Tootsie (1982, Sydney Pollack), the story of an unemployed actor who decides to be characterized as a woman playing a female character in a TV series. Hoffman returned to the stage in 1983 with the role of Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller, Broadway, and again in 1989 by Shylock in The Merchant of Venice Shakespeare in London.

That same year he won his second Oscar for the character of an autistic Rain Man (1988, B. Gevinson), a film with notable artistic qualities also earned a great commercial success and which deal with shared Tom Cruise. In Smokescreen (1998), opposite Robert De Niro and Anne Heche, he played a Hollywood producer who organizes a media distraction to cover up a scandal involving the president. In 1999 he received the Honorary Award for Lifetime Achievement from the American Film Institute.

Other prominent films have been Little Big Man (1970, A. Penn) Papillon (1973, Franklin J. Schaffner) Lenny (1974, B. Fosse), All the President’s Men (1976, A. Pakula) Marathon man (1976, John Schlesinger) Dick Tracy (1990, Warren Beatty), Billy Bathgate (1991, Robert Benton) Outbreak (1995, in Wolfsanp Petersen) Being John Malkovich (2000, Spike Jonze) and The commitment (2002, Brad Silberling).

Essential filmography:

As an actor

(2003) Confidence. The perfect scam (with Andy Garcia)
(2002) Hello Goodbye
(2001) Goldwyn – Narrator
(2000) Joan of Arc
(1999) Being John Malkovich
(1998) Sphere (with Sharon Stone and Samuel L. Jackson)
(1997) Sex and power
(1997) Mad City – Assault on the news (with John Travolta)
(1996) Sleepers
(1996) American Buffalo
(1995) Outbreak
(1994) Jonas in the Desert
(1992) Hero
(1991) Billy Bathgate – in school gangster
(1991) Hook – Captain Hook
(1990) Dick Tracy
(1989) Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt – narrator
(1989) Family Business
(1988) Rain Man – The Rainmaker
(1987) Ishtar
(1986) Private Conversations
(1985) Death of a Salesman
(1984) Terror in the Aisles
(1982) Tootsie
(1979) Kramer vs. Kramer
(1979) The Secret Agatha Christie
(1978) Straight Time
(1976) The marathon
(1976) All the President’s Men (with Robert Redford)
(1974) Lenny
(1973) Papillon
(1972) Alfredo, Alfredo
(1971) The Point – Narrator
(1971) Who is Kellerman?
(1971) Straw Dogs
(1970) Little Big Man
(1969) John and Mary
(1969) Midnight Cowboy
(1968) One dollar for 7 cowards
(1967) The Star Wagon
(1967) The Tiger Makes Out
1967) The Graduate
(1966) The Journey of the Fifth Horse

As Producer

(2001) Club Land
(1999) The Furies
(1999) The Devil’s Arithmetic
(1999) A Walk on the Moon – the moon Aided
(1978) Straight Time

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