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Paul Gascoigne: The explosions from Gazza

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Paul John Gascoigne was born in Gateshead (England) on May 27, 1967. Become part of the youth of Newcastle United in 1983 and debuted in the first team two years later, in 1985. Already in this period he was saddled with the nickname “Magpie”. Newcastle played 107 games with the giving of his talent shows at times explosive. In 1988 moves to Tottenham Hotspur: also debuted in the England football team against Denmark.

Just with the national team takes on a international level, thanks to its participation in the World of Italy ’90. The next year it is an Italian team, Lazio, to buy at a cost of 26 billion lire, despite Gascoigne has been seriously injured during the FA Cup final.then arrives in Italy in 1992 causing great uproar also because of doubts about his physical condition: his rebellious nature, and his style of life – off the field – full of excesses, means that as a public figure to be indicted by the Italian press. Read the rest of this entry »

Erminio Macario: Innocent white comedy

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Erminio Macario was born in Turin May 27, 1902, the economic conditions of the family forced him to leave school to work. He begins to recite as a child in the school amateur dramatics company, at eighteen he joined a company that performs in thevillage fairs . The debut year in the theater is 1921. E ’1925 when he was noticed by the great Isa Bluette calling him part of his company’s magazine.

Erminio Macario is built over time a comic person and a clown mask whose features are more flashy a tuft of hair on the forehead, eyes rounded and swaying walk, his characters are also characterized by an adaptation of the dialect of Turin. an Interpreter surreal comedy by candor, Macario embodies the innocent guise of a comedy. Next to Bluette Macario realizes that the success of a particular show is on the scene in the presence of comely women, especially beautiful and leggy.  Read the rest of this entry »

Christopher Lee: Very evil, to pretend

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Christopher Frank Carandini Lee was born in London May 27, 1922. British army officer’s son Geoffrey Trollope Lee Estelle Marie Carandini and the Italian Marquis of Sarzana, the grandson of an Italian political refugee in Australia. The mother’s face was also known for its beauty, portrayed in the Edwardian period of several British artists such as Sir John Lavery, Oswald Birley, Olive Snell and also by the sculptor Clare Sheridan, a cousin of Winston Churchill .

His parents divorced when Christopher is still very young, the mother carries her sister Xandra to Switzerland. After studying at Miss Fisher’s Academy in Wengen, says his first role as a villain. He then returned to London with his mother here attended the Wagner ‘s private school. Estelle married Harcourt ‘Ingle’ Rose, a banker uncle as well as the famous writer Ian Fleming .  Read the rest of this entry »

Lenny Kravitz: Are you gonna go His way?

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Leonard Albert Kravitz was born in New York May 26, 1964 by Sy Kravitz, a producer for NBC-born Ukrainian, and Roxie Roker, an actress originally from the Bahamas (better known as the interpreter of Helen Willis on the hit television series “The Jeffersons”, proposed more time in our country).

In 1974 the success on the stage of the mother forces the family to move to Los Angeles. Here, Lenny has to make his first musical experience as a member of the prestigious choral Californa Boys Choir, with which he sings for three years. Also in Los Angeles, in the exclusive Beverly Hills High School, Lenny Kravitz meets Slash, future guitarist of Guns N Roses, who will participate in “Mama said,” the second album by the artist.  Read the rest of this entry »

Filippo Magnini: A shark in Pesaro

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Filippo Magnini was born in Pesaro, February 2, 1982.Character lively and enterprising in four years begins to skate on wheels with her ​​sister Laura. Then practice the basketball , sports prince of his native city. Later also tries to playtennis and football. Her body is thin and as is often recommended in these cases to the kids, to harden practice swimming. His team is the first Vis Sauro Swimming, with whom took the first trophy, the experience of trying out the podium.

Philip in ten years it his utmost to convince parents to enroll him at a football school. For a time both sports practice; in swimming are several regional titles won in the category, so he decides to engage in short concenrtandosi only on this sports. Teenager, Filippo Magnini is a breaststroker with good technique.  Read the rest of this entry »

Bruno Gambarotta: Scriptures craft

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Born in Asti, May 26, 1937, Bruno Gambarotta writer likes to call himself a craftsman, thanks for the inspiration of a typo typographer of the Turin newspaper “La Stampa” in the text of an interview deformed by mistake the word “Asti” in “craftsman” . In the past classmate of Elvis , Gambarotta has excellent cook and a great gourmand.Author of books and contributor to several newspapers – including The Unit include, La Repubblica, La Stampa and Comix – for television, with Giancarlo Magalli, helped run the successful edition of “Cool ’87″ and the television “Damn” (with Fabio Fazio and Patrizio Roversi) and “Svalutation.”

His fortune television begins with “Cool ’87″ when the eclectic Adriano Celentano , conductor of the issue, he wants with it. Gambarotta will still alongside Celentano in 1992 in the transmission “Svalutation.” Read the rest of this entry »

Ruhollah Khomeini: The Ayatollah of Iron

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Ruhollah M. Khomeini, Imam of the Shiites who led the revolt against the Iranian Shah Reza Pahlevi, was born in 1902. He studied in the holy city of Qom and witnessed the desecration of the mosque of Fatima by the founder of that dynasty Pahlavi, Reza Khan, in 1927. He opposed the Westernization always with great force and the subsequent “modernization” of Iran, which caused serious social problems.

It all began in 1935 when the Shah Reza Shah accused pro-German, and after the country involved in World War II, abdicated in favor of his son Mohammad Reza, retreating in the face of two Anglo-Russian occupation. Ended its occupation, Iran had initially taken a constitutional and democratic freedoms, but quickly suppressed by Mohammad Reza.But a sort of national consensus was formed on the problem of economic independence, which culminated in the nationalization Read the rest of this entry »

Henri Bergson: Father of intuitionism

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The euphoria determined by scientific progress gives rise to the mid nineteenth century, at a current of thought that rejects almost with disdain all forms of romance, of that tendency, ie, to read the reality starting from metaphysical and spiritual conditions. This immense confidence in science, which seems to promise the revelation of each mystery only on basis of natural laws, that is, through observation, hypothesis and its experimental verification, is called “positivism”.

But already at the end of this current century culture is in crisis: the philosophy back to reconsider the romance through various movements of ideas, but all that prevails is called the father of intuitionism, the Frenchman Henri Bergson. Born in Paris to Jewish family Irish-October 18, 1859, Henri-Louis Bergson Read the rest of this entry »

Edoardo Mangiarotti: Gentlemen and magical swords

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Edoardo Mangiarotti was born in Renate, Brianza in Lombardy, on April 7, 1919.Along with his two brothers Darius and Manlius grows under the tutelage of his father, Joseph, fencer of international prestige in the early postwar period, as master of arms allegedly imported from France variants of transalpine fencing school.Giuseppe Mangiarotti is one of the founders of fencing “The Garden” in Milan, where Edward has the opportunity to learn the art of fencing. The father is practiced in Edo swimming, boxing , running and cycling. So the future becomes a champion athlete of great strength and endurance.

But the merit of the father is also to make Edward a lefty in fencing, but he was naturally right-handed. Thanks to what Edward is going to surprise opponents with unpredictable moves (left-handed fencer was also the French Lucien Gaudin, who more than any other father admired).professional Read the rest of this entry »

Vin Diesel: Healthy mind in healthy body

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Born in New York on July 18, 1967, Vin Diesel (whose original name is Mark Sinclair Vincent III) is an actor, writer, producer and film director who reach the U.S. worldwide success in the early millennium, by virtue of its participation as a performer in “Fast and furious.” Born in the Big Apple from Dominican mother (but with Sicilian roots) and an unknown father, Diesel grows from a young age in a very multicultural and open (the mother is a psychiatrist and astrologer): he is often described in interviews as ” a person of different ethnic groups . ”

Paul grew up with his twin brother, and two of his brothers Sam and Tim, the little Vincent meets the world of acting for the first time only seven years, at a theater where he took part, “Dinosaur Door” staged at the theater in Greenwich Village in New York.  Read the rest of this entry »

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